How do I copy files from My Cloud to remote computer

I was just contacted by a family member currently on vacation.

She wants to download files from our My Cloud via the desktop app.

She can connect to our My Cloud and sees her folders/files.

However she is unable to copy/download those files to her laptop.

Copy and Paste to an Explorer windows does not work. Paste is always greyed out.

Drag & drop, like suggested in many posts in this forum, is NOT working either.

Not with one file and not with a couple of marked files. She says her mouse icon always becomes a circle with a dash when she tries to drag files out of the My Cloud app to her desktop?!

Double clicking works but the downloaded file is only stored temporary.

Dragging a folder works too. It gets downloaded as a .zip file. But thats pretty useless if you only need a couple of files out of hundreds within that folder.

How do we transfer single files?

Drag & Drop works fine here…

If she’s getting the “Forbidden” icon, she’s not grabbing a file object; she’s grabbing something else.

Well in the meantime I tried it myself from her computer over VNC.

It really does not work. And yes I was grabbing correctly. :wink:

Don’t know what to tell you…  I just copied a whole bunch of files with drag & drop – not an issue one.

Of course, that’s what the app is for – and if something that fundamental didn’t work, there’d be a bazillion posts about it…

Have you tried putting it on your own computer and seeing if it works?

Have you (or she) tried dragging/dropping the file into Windows File Explorer? What version of Windows is being used?

There is always the option to email the link to one’s self via the right click on the file within the WD My Cloud Desktop program. That will generate an email link to access the file.

Worst comes to worst, if the file is located in a private share, check the user permission via WD My Cloud Dashboard on that share folder. If the user its set for Read Access, try Full Access and see if that changes things.

And yes for some reason while I can select Copy from within the WD My Cloud Desktop program I cannot paste the file from some reason into Windows File Explorer or to my desktop. But, and this won’t help you, dragging/dropping works to both the desktop and Windows File Explorer on a Windows 7 PC.

Thank you both for your valued input :slight_smile:

It seems my cable router and ISP is the problem, as port forwarding is not working properly.

I tried this on my Win 8.1 Surface and the WD desktop app worked just fine at home.

But whenever I try to access My Cloud from a different network I get the very same problem like she did.

I can access My Cloud but I can’t use drag & drop or copy & paste for file transfer. :frowning: