WD My Cloud Copy problem

Hello everyone,

For a while our office has been using the My Cloud App, but no one noticed a problem until today. While we can right click and paste inside the app, the Copy and Copy Link command just don’t work (when I try to paste there’s nothing). If we want to copy something from the WD My Cloud EX2, we have to drag the file to Desktop (or any other place). Copy and Paste simply doesn’t work. Accessing the WD from Windows Explorer and using copy/paste commands work just fine.

I think this is a problem with the app itself. Can anyone confirm and is there a fix?

I assume that your WD is installed in the office along with the PCs?   If so, why are you using the App which is meant for Remote Access?

You’ve already found the solution – don’t use the app.  Use Explorer, which is what’s recommended for local usage.