Copying not work from WD MY CLOUD Desktop app Paste it greyout

i have WD MY CLOUD desktop app running on windwos 8 pc

i want to copy files from WD MY CLOUD Desktop App to my PC.

I try dragging it from WD MY CLOUD desktop app to my pc: Sometime copied sometime not

my main problem is when I right click on the file, select copy and then try to  PASTE it to desktop but PASTE otpion is greyout (disabled)

any help appreciated

Make sure your router is configured to allow the drives connectivity.

The copy and paste option is only for files inside the My Cloud drive. If you want to copy the files to the computer use the drag and drop option.

Open up your Network>WDMyCloud and find what you want to move to your desktop then copy and paste. That should work.


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cat0w (USA)