How CAN I add apps like netflix and so on

part number is WDAAPOOOONBK



Quote: How CAN I add apps like netflix and so on

you can’t

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So I must just accept the few **bleep** apps it has ? if so can you suggest an alternative ? I am from Sydney.

Thanks for your help and so Happy your up at middnight being an ozzy Joey lol

Can’t really advise you about the best media player for “apps”  (i did’nt buy my WDTV’s for “apps” only personal media playback)

If you love “apps” grab a Chromecast from JB-Hi Fi  $49 AUD (got one given to me, works pretty good)

If you want a WDTV with Netflix … then you’ll have to hunt around for the WDTV Live Streaming $99 (last time i looked)

The new WDTV (around $149 AUD) doesent have Netflix …

Apart from that, there’s lot’s of media players out there eg, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromebox etc  so, you’ll have to buy online and hope they ship to OZ

P.S. Happy Australia Day :smiley:

oops … forgot about my Raspberry Pi’s (around $40) with XBMC installed … plenty of apps (Video Add-Ons) available for it (about 861 … last time i looked :  )

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Happy Australia Day 

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Thanks for your help

I have used a WD TV Live media player (Model No. WDBAAP0000NBK-AESN) (1st gen) in conjunction with the PlayOn software suite ( to watch Netflix on my ten year old Sony CRT TV (no HDMI input, just RCA compoment and composite inputs) since July 2013.  Fantastic!

I paid USD$69.99 for a life time licence at the time, though now down to USD$39.99.  PlayOn’s ongoing support is the best in the industry.

…plus HuluPlus (since cancelled) plus One_channel (1_channel or whatever).  I often record videos from One_channel to PlayLater, and then play the videos on my TV or in Chrome or in Kodi (XBMC).