Hosting a website in The My Cloud EX2 Ultra

I have a My Cloud EX2 Ultra computer and I would like to publish a website here, connected to my domain. Did someone have the same need at some point? did he do it? as it did? Do you think you can help me?

Thank you.

I was trying to do the same thing some time ago. Easy to set up Wordpress, but having it visible from outside the network was something I could not get straight.

I wouldn’t advise you to upload your website to your home computer as this may affect the quality and the speed of your site. In this case, it’s better to use an inexpensive but high-quality hosting server that will give you the opportunity not to spoil your laptop, since it isn’t designed to keep it turned on all the time. I use the services of Mangomatter to maintain my sites and attract new customers. Plus, if there’re problems with your site, technical support will always help you to solve them.

I guess it is possible though I never tried it. To my understanding what you need is:

  1. Install and config the WordPress coming with MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA, through control panel.
  2. Load your content, and test your website from within network
  3. Get a static IP (!important) - no static IP, no website! Talk to your ISP (Comcast, Verizon, whatever)
  4. Login to your domain parking account, change the DNS settings, add a bunch of A record to point it to your new static IP
  5. Config your firewall, make this MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA the default respond to port 80 - I have no clue how to make this work

Like they said, there are so many cheap web-hosts, even some free ones. It really not worthy the effort

. . not to mention the security concerns of the MyCloud linux based product line.

Not sure I would have these devices facing the public internet.

Despite of the fact that I love this things very much, I am not a computer expert that will suggest you anything, but I understand what you are talking about and I know who can help you. He is working for Fortunelords and he know a lot of things about this domain. Moreover they host my website where I have my culinary blog and I am very pleased about this, because the quality is the best and the price is the best as well. So, if you need some help just write me and I will give you his email adress.

I did it and I can tell from my experience that first, you must find good and fast enough web hosting. I made a huge mistake thinking that is not important, and I can take the cheapest one I can find. As it turned out later, the site I created was slow and inconvenient to use. The first time, I did not what is the problem, and asked for advice on a forum. Thankfully someone had the same experience, and he said that the problem is with the web hosting. Also, he recommended checking this site, where I could find more information about web hosting and how to choose the best. Now, when I want to create a site, I always choose carefully what web hosting to use.