HFS Flesystem

Hello There

I have just purchased a WDTV Live and I absolutely love it. It is hard wired to a network mostly populated with Macs. The WD TV device has a 1 TB USB HDD atached to it that has been formated with the Mac OS Extended  (journaled) filsesystem. I can see the  WDTV USB HDD drive on my macs and  i could quickly and easily transfer files from one to the other. A couple of days ago, all this stopped. I can still see the drive but it does not let me copy anything to it. 

I thought of changing the filesystem on this drive but if it worked so well for a couple of weeks.m why cannot it continue to perform equally? Any ideas?

Thank you


The WDTVs don’t support journalling.    I think I read somewhere that if journaling is enabled, the volume is considered READ ONLY.

So, turn off journalling and you’ll be fine.