WDTV Live + WD My Book 3TB Issues


Today i have bought a WD My Book with 3TB Storage. I have connected it straight to usb with my WDTV Live … and if i go to setup, The WDTV Live cant find my external HD. Can anyone help me with this? In the store where i bought the MyBook they said it should work perfectly …


Hi Jerranium, check if you have the latest firmware available. 


I am having same issues with my WDBABX0000 unit. Won’t read from either of my 2 new 3TB My Book for Mac drives. Latest firmware. Acknowledges and reads fine from my other WD drives (that were originally PC My Books reformatted for mac os journeled. I even reformatted one of the drives the same way I do the PC My Books and no go. It knows there is a drive there, but refuses to read from it. Does this make sense? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mac Journaled is NOT supported.

It should work if you disable journaling, though.

I reformatted the drive as Mac OS Extended , even though all the other MyBooks I have are formatted to Mac OS Extended (journeled) and still is not being accepted. Other drives still are fine, but these 2 new My Book for Mac are not being read by the player. I don’t think the formatting is the problem. Any other ideas ?-This is the only reason I bought these is to use with this player.

I appreciate the help

What happens when you let the player boot up to the main screen and only then attach the drive (formatted as NTFS)?

That jogs a memory.     I want to think we saw a long time ago that HFS drives larger than 2TB aren’t supported.   Might be dreaming, though…

Like Techflaws said, you might try formatting as NTFS instead of HFS+.

Latest update allows 3TB drives to be recognized and I have been using 3 WD MyBook and a Seagate 3 TB with no issue. All those drives were reformatted at Mac OS Extended (Journaled). These 2 new drives are the new WD MyBook for Mac also formatted (and re-formatted) the same. I even re-formatted one of them using the same disc utility on the same mac that reformatted the others.

All that happens is the media player launches and it sees the HD (tried both USB ports) - represents it as a white “media server” but it never converts to a readable drive, though any other drive attached with it will be read and accessible. I will check on reformatting to NTFS - I don’t believe I can do that in Disk Utility… Any recommendations what to use to reformat?

Will report.

Thanks again - if any other ideas or if others are having the same problem please post.

Very much appreciated.

OK - I definitely don’t want to do NTFS because I work only in Mac and I need the drive read and write able. The issue really is why are all my other HDs working but only these 2 “for Mac” drives fail?

All my other drives - whether 3TB or 300GB are all formatted the same.

Any other ideas? I would hate to return these drives…