Can't copy all media/files


Have got some problems with copying media over the network.

System: Mac OSX 10.6.3

HDD (connected via USB to the WDTV Live): HFS+ (NOT journaled)

WDTV Live connected via Cat5 to Router - Router via WLAN to System.

Connection and everything works fine, my only problem is, i can’t copy certain files like .DMG or .PDF or some .JPG(when edited with photoshop)… it will copy it to 100% and then OSX tells me that I don’t have the rights top copy this media.

Why is that? Is WD blocking this on purpose so they can sell their NAS?

Or is it just me who experiences this problem?

thanks in advance

it seems that this is a system problem, occurs with mac os 10.6.3

Your are right, but it seems, that WD could not interpret the extendet attributes of the files correctly too.