Help with WD 1.5 TB portable

Hi, I’m incredibly new here and inexperienced at this whole situation. I’ve tried googling and surfing through the knowledge base with no avail, a lot of it seems like gibberish to me. I have a WD 1.5TB Portable HD model number WDBAAF0015HBK-00 ( I hope I’m posting the proper number ) and up until just this morning it was working fine.

I usually alternate between using this product on my PC and Laptop as a way to store photos off of both and usually when I plug it in to one or the other, the regular windows option pops up asking how I’d like to handle the content on the drive. This morning when I turned on my PC I accidentally unplugged the WD unit and plugged it back in, after I did so, neither my laptop nor my PC even recognize it when I plug the unit in. I’ve looked around for my instruction book to see if there might have been a power button I accidentally hit ? But I’ve moved since purchasing the drive and can’t find the paperwork that came with it. If it helps at all, the white light on the front of the unit is illuminated  and I can hear the unit making noise so I know power is getting too it.

If this is the incorrect place to post this or if I can provide more info, please let me know. Thanks 

Hello, disconnect the USB cable without safely ejecting the hard drive could cause data corruption. If you need to recover your files, you can try using a data recovery program, with the help of Google you should find several options. If you don’t need to recover your files you can format  the hard drive from the disk management window. Check the link below for more information. 

How to partition and format a WD drive on Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac OSX

If the drive is corrut then TestDisk might fix it.