HELP! WD MY Book Essential stopped working

Hi all,

I wonder if any one can help before i take harsh action…

My Book had been working absolutely fine until i removed the USB from the back of the PC without ejecting the Book.

Since then it is seen on my computer (after a long delay) but i cant open the drive to view files.

I have re formatted my Window Ultimate XPS laptop updated ALL driver’s etc, just tried the SES driver and WD Smartware but still no joy.

LED flashes and drive is spinning up ok. I have read that these can be stripped down and used as primary drives in a desktop, is this true?

I have all my daughters pictures of her growing up… really need to try and recover these.

Could it be a faulty transfer board?? 

Any help please?

Does the drive show in Disk Management? If so something like TestDisk or Recuv might help. The drive is probably corrupt from not removing it properly.