Help, Please! My laptop no longer recognizes the 8TB My Book

Hello, my name is John.

I recently purchase the 8TB WD My Book External hard drive. I plugged it into my Windows 8.1 Asus laptop and unloads about 600 GB of files from another drive onto my new WD drive. The My Book worked until this transfer finished, but now my laptop no longer recognized the My Book as a storage device. Autoplay does not initiate and the drive is completely ignored, my laptop shows that something is connected to a USB port but the drive is not accessible.

Please HELP someone…anyone! The data now transferred on the 8TB my book is irreplaceable and to top it off this drive was too big of an expense for it to be a paper-weight.


As a guess, check your permissions on the new drive. Sometimes when you transfer folders from one drive to another, the permissions follow with it.