My book external drive 6 Tb is RECOGNIZED with one laptop and Unrecognized with OTHER LAPTOP

Helo everyone, I got this situation!! A week ago I bought a new laptop and a 6 Tb My book external drive. When I tested it with my new laptop, it all works fine. I did tried to save some files with that new external drive.

The problem arose when I tried to connect the new 6 Tb external drive into my old laptop. It did not appear on “this computer” although when you do safety remove it , you can see the My book in that section. I tried to access “DISK MANAGEMENT SECTION with my old laptop ,” the external drive name is there but it is UNALLOCATED and with the color black instead of the blue one . I tried to check the usb port with my old laptop and it is not defective and works with my other external drive. Also the cords is working with other device.

Again, I tried to connect it with my new laptop, it will appear in "this computer " and all perfectly works fine. I did try to format it from exfat to NFTS, After that, I connected again it to my old laptop and still it did not work. In the disk management section, it all in desame situation, Unallocated and cannot access the 6 Tb l My book external drive.

Both the new (ASUS)and old laptop (LENOVO) are Windows. Both USB PORT and cords were tested with other external drives are working fine.

I’m not really good in troubleshooting so please I need some help and advice to resolve this problem.

Hi there, have you checked if the My Book is compatible with the OS on the older laptop? You can follow all troubleshooting steps provided on the link below.

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Both my new and old laptops are on Windows O.s . With the old laptop, i dont know whats the problem, I recently refomat the new external drive to NFTS system. Still, i could not access it.

I don’t know what is wrong with my old laptop, I tried with other external drive and it will read it.

With the new external drive, i tried to connect it to my new laptop, and it would recognized and read the external drive.

i dont know where is the problem, in my old laptop which detect other external drives or my new My book external drive which will be detected by other laptop.

Its getting confusing and not really good with trouble shooting. hahays

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