Help old WD external HD

Hello all,

I need some help to recover data from an old external My Passport HDD form 2006. The case broke a long time ago and back then I tried to extract the HDD with hopes of connecting it with an adapter. However Was unfamiliar with the conector (ATA-100? If I’m correct) and back then i stoped trying to recover it.

However now I would really love to try and recover the memories from that HD and I would like to find the correct conector to plug it and access the data.

The model is:
WD 12000UE - 00KVT0
WD Scorpio
July 2006
S/N: WXE606126509

What is the adapter I need to plug the pins to a SATA or USB ?

Thx for your help !!

google Enhanced IDE Hard Drive Adaptor

also, give this a read

Thank you very much ! I will buy that!

Thx !

If the issue is only with the connection then the adapter may help but if there is some other issue, then you may also required help of a reliable data recovery software to recover data from the damaged hard drive. For that you can try any data recovery software however, I will suggest you to try the trustworthy software like Stellar data recovery! It will help you recover data easily without much hassle.