Help,My NAS WD My Cloud PR4100 reboot every 5 seconds


Since now 1h, my Nas (I have it for 1 week) reboot himself every 5 seconds: It starts, displays the blue welcome screen and turns off and then restarts and so on … is that Has happened to someone? Do you have a solution?

@liltprod You may want to ask your question in this forum,

Have you looked here and read the User Manual?

My first thought on that behaviour would be that it’s a faulty power supply, unable to supply enough power to support the drives, causing repeated brownouts.

If it’s new, I’d think about returning it to where you bought it as faulty, assuming you haven’t fiddled with it via SSH.

Ditto, return it for another unit if you can. Sounds like you have a lemon.

Ok thank you.I will ask in the other forum.

Ok thank you