Help me! My 2tb my book essential not working anymore

Hi guys, im very worried i need help asap, thank before. so i have this my book essential 2tb model withwdbacw0020hbk-sesn i used it for ps3 backup data, and movies i have a lot important data and my project also there. today i went to store and i left my pc on (always on,most of the time) after returned from store i checked the file on my pc for like 15 minutes. and suddenly idkw, it’s disconnected. i tried to checked on my pc disk management. and bios they’re NOT DETECTING my external. any solution ?

help i really need it. my project for university is inside this hardisk. if i dont get the file until next monday. i will doomed :’(

and another question can i use micro usb to connect this external to pc? because it’s look’s alike but i cant connect it though

and last thing i found out it’s the drive which is died. i tried to open the closure and use the drive as internal but same result so definitely it’s the drive. so anyone have idea to retrieve the file from dead drive?

The MyBook Essential stores the data encrypted on the drive, whether you set a password or not.  Even if the BIOS recognized it as an internal SATA drive when you popped it out of the enclosure and attached it to the PC, you wouldn’t be able to read anything off it.

If it was just not detecting externally, I would have suggested checking the power supply, the USB port(s) and the USB cable.

But if the BIOS won’t see it, when connected as an internal, it sounds like you’re likely out of luck.

as i though too. yes i tried to chage the power supply and i want to try change the cable, but unfortunately i dont have any spare usb 3.0 to use it with my external.I tried to freeze the hardisk, it’s sounds like the disk spinning and clung…clung.

even though i go and call the data recovery professional it’s not gonna worth spending bucks just for my 200gb but its my project and stuff. darn

can mybook use cable  micro usb from blackberry? because i tried and no luck