Help? Files just gone all of a sudden

I have a 4tb my cloud.
It has 6 shares. Two of them have randomly become empty. One is the public and one is a user. There were files in there one day and not another.

Things we have done include recently purchasing a macbook and trying to (unsuccessfully) set up access to the drive through that. We’ve always accessed on a pc laptop using windows 7(in the past) or windows 10. My husband does say he upgraded the firmware when trying to set up the connection to the macbook.

In recent months, I have moved files off the my cloud onto a larger my book. The two folders that are suddenly empty were not worked in.

We would like to find out why files would suddenly disappear and where they might be.


Any ideas?

Login to the MyCloud system via SSH, and have a look around the file system.

User shares should be in /shares

What am I looking for? The missing files? Could I see them this way and pull them off? I have one folder that we need the files back. The other folder looks to have been backed up.

We are still stuck with no idea what to do.

WD support has not bothered to reply to us on our support case.

Yes. All we are trying to do at the moment is to determine if the files have actually gone, or whether they are simply not being presented by the Samba file server.

If your missing files include media files, and you have the media server enabled, and serving the missing folders, check to see if the media server is presenting (and serving) them to media clients. I.e. can you play the missing files using a DLNA media app?