HDTV does not recognise HDD

Hard drive WDBAU0015HBK-00 reads OK
Hard drive WDBAAU0025HBK-01 reads OK
Hard drive WDBWLG0050HBK-NESN is not recognised


I recommend you take a look at this link:

Hi Hamlet,
Thanks for your response.
All of my three WD HDD’s work fine with Windows laptop.

The 1.5TB and 2.5TB WD HDD’s work fine with the WD Media Player
The 5TB WD HDD is not recognised by the WD media player.
Oddly, this 5TB drive is a warranty replacement for an existing WD 5TB
drive which worked OK with the WD media player.

I have checked permissions on the drive with Windows laptop and is has
Everyone/Full Control