HDMI Power is not cutted if switching the Device to Standby Mode

If i switch the Device to Standby HDMI SIgnal is not cutted and HDMI still powered, this causes big Problems on my HDMI Switch with 6 Devices on it, all other Devices does correctly cut off the Signal and Power off HDMI in Standby, why not the WD HD TV HUB?

The only Solution is to plug out the HDMI Cable of the Hub or switch it completly off, i don’t think this is the indended Procedure WD wanted or?

Yes, it does turn off the HDMI interface…   When I plug my hub into the AVR, the AVR’s HDMI status blinks indicating it’s not receiving anything.   If I plug into the TV directly, the TV says “NO SIGNAL.”

No, it doesn’t because if i put it to Standby the HDMI-Switch does not Switch back and pulling the HDMI Cable from the Hub will Switch immediatly, so it does not behave like the 6 other Devices on the HDMI-Switch, it does not Signaling inactivity not switch off HDMI-Power completly.

And i just got Answer from the WD Support, they said they know and the only Solution currently is to switching off the Hub completly!

Still not fixed, tried a new HDMI-Switch today, still the HUB has Power on the HDMI whil in Standby… Well, turning it completly off or using a Splitter is the only Solution, i prefer to turn it off completly till this Bug is fixed…

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This is annoying me too. I have to completely power off the hub for the hdmi signal to drop.

Same thing here, my tv (LG led) says no signal BUT in the “select input source” menu the live hub device it’s still active when the device it’s turn off.

This it’s really annoing! why? becouse in my tv remote i’ve a button to cycle between active input sources, and always cycle between Live Hub too.

Please post a reaply if it’s a Hardware or Software issue. and if it’s fixeble

Same problem for me, also swithing unit off completly puts video settings settings back to 720p so when powering unit back up i have to go into settings every time and put back to my profered settings. Otherwise I have to root around behind tv to manuly switch hdmi. Any fix on the way?

Yep, me too

Total pain to have to cycle through a black screen with my Samsung Tv remote.