Does not power down (switch off) properly

Hi guys,

Just upgraded to firmward v2.08.13, basically purchased the unit last week, and did a firmware upgrade immediately.

When I try to power down the unit (i.e. switch it off), the unit does not actually turn off 100%.

  • The network cable light still flashes at times

  • There seems to be a buzzing coming from the unit indicating it is still powered up

  • The TV seems to still be detecting an HDMI signal coming from the unit.

ONLY if I unplug it at the wall do all of the above stop.

What on earth is going on? Is this “normal” ???


Of course it’s normal.

Read the manual.

O my gosh… (Who reads the manual anymore…)

I see the answer:

" The Hub acts like a NAS server, so the storage is available 24x7, even if you put the hub in Standby.

If you want it to shut off, you’ll need to power the Hub down completely by holding the remote power button down for more than 3 seconds."

This is for all of the other people who have the same question … here’s the answer!!!

Thanks Guys!