Powering off .... USB Device My Book 1TB WD wont shut with HUB

Hey all i just purchased this unit Win TV Live hub yesturday i havent had much time to explore it. But the first issue i got is that when i have my 1TB western digital drive plugged in to the Hub because thats were i keep all my movie files when i power of with the HUB the USB drive stays on and wont power down with it and i have to unplugg the unite which is not good . Can anyone suggest anything do i need the new firmware or upgarde ?

No, if you read the manual, you’ll see that’s the correct behavior.  The Hub acts like a NAS server, so the storage is available 24x7, even if you put the hub in Standby.

If you want it to shut off, you’ll need to EJECT the drive, and power the Hub down completely by holding the remote power button down for > 3 seconds.

Tonys thanks for that simple advice . I have another question can i use a USB wireless adapter to connect to the internet or does it have to be connectedt with the ethernet cable  ?  Can you reccomend a Nadapter also ?

Yes, USB WiFi is supported with certain adapters.