Lost hdmi signal while playing

I bought this recently and i have upgraded the firmware to the last one but im pretty sure was happening with the old FM too…while playing a video sometimes the No Signal + black window shows in the lcd for a second or so then it continue playing.

I have tested plugging the hdmi in both of the lcd holes…same result.

Wondering if someone had the same experience.


Have you tried a different HDMI cable?

I have had this same issue… but it’s kinda weird… that I’ve only experienced it with the more expensive Monster HDMI cables… when the LIVE HUB is set to 12-BIT video mode… in 8-BIT VIDEO mode… i get no video or audio cut off… BUT… this is only experienced for me when using a MONSTER HDMI cable… with other, cheaper, cables - it works in either 12-bit or 8-bit video mode…

Hope this helps…