HDD not showing up in My Computer

Hello, This is Dinesh. I have a serious problem with my external HDD(WD My Passport 0748 ).Hard disk drive not showing up in MyComputer.But the light on hdd kept flashing.I was able to see the device in list of “Devices and Printers” but not in Computer.Seriously, I want the data in it as it is really important for me.I have checked the disk management and found that disk2 is not initialized. I have used Data Lifeguard diagnostic tool.It passed both the tests but showing capacity 0.00 GB and Smart Status is not available.

I checked the drive by connecting it to another computer but of no use.

Please,help me.

Hello Dinesh,

As a recommendation, try using a data recovery software to get the files out of the drive. If the drive is showing as not initialize, you might have a corrupted unit and the you will need to initialize the drive and you will need to format the unit.

It’s usual. When the guarantee ends, it crashes