Has anyone else had an RMA refused for fraud?

I bought a new 6Tb external MyBook hard drive from Sam’s Club. It wouldn’t spinup out of the new box. So I took it back and got another drive. It behaved the same way - so I decided to do an RMA on it. I had checked everything. I had a previous identical 6Tb drive that worked fine to compare to - it worked the 3rd one didn’t. I tried on two different PCs, a Mac, and a linux box. nothing. I just got an email back today that they suspect fraud or deem the product to be counterfeit. This was in the identical packaging of the drives that worked from Sam’s Club, All the stuff cords power cable etc was in the box, the drive had all the shrink wrap on it to keep it shiny - but somewhere in the distribution chain it must have been tampered with. Unbelievable. If I were Sam’s Club - I would really question everything. Not looking forward to trying to get my money back from them.
Has anyone else had this happen to them?


I recommend you contact WD support in order to get more information about this.