Hard Drive seems to be failing

In August I bought an Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB Hard Drive and noticed it was acting strange, WIndows installed fine but after a few weeks of using it I noticed startup was loading slow. A few minutes after startup the computer wouldn’t respond to me clicking the start menu, documents etc. however when hovering over the icons on my desktop the computer responded as if it was working. I was also recieving blue screens frequently over the past week with the KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR.  I used Crystaldisk info and noticed there was a caution sign next to C5 Current Pending Sector and C6 Uncorrectable Sector Count, I can’t remember the number of bad sectors. I ran CHKDSK and it would get stuck at the same point every single time likewise with the Western Digital Lifeguard Diagnostics extended. 

I did a clean install of Windows yesterday to see if it would fix it and ran CHKDSK. After the reinstall I used Crystaldiskinfo and while the C5 Current Pending Sector seems to be green I still have a caution sign near C6 Uncorrectable Sector Count with 368 bad sectors (which seems a lot in comparison to what I have seen online with other people and it was suggested that they have failing drives which worries me since this hard drive is only a few months old). I tried the quick and extended test with the Lifeguard Diagnostics program and this time round they both passed and didn’t get stuck. 

I’m wondering at what point should I send the hard drive back, I’ve read something about monitoring the bad sectors to see if the number increases over time. 

Thank you.

Pictures of the current state of my hard drive:

Crystaldiskinfo -  http://i.imgur.com/EzdG1JH.png

HDD Sentinel -  http://i.imgur.com/ZLoN3Ut.png

Hi with WD one bad sector they will replace the drive. You can run a Warranty check and also start the RMA from here. http://support.wd.com/warranty/index_end.asp?lang=en  the drive needs to be replaced.

Quite a few times, I found a failing PSU is the reason behind HDD troubles.

With a weak PSU, its not only the HDD, but also the Motherboard, Graphic card, and all other peripheral connected which are at risk of failing.

While changing a HDD may be the immediate response, in the long term, replacing a poor PSU may be the solution.