Drive has 8 bad sectors - do I need to worry?

Well, so here’s the thing:

  • For quite a few weeks, my laptop started running slow unexpectedly. No new driver or windows updates installed, no new applications installed, nothing. When I’d boot up, just like a sequence, explorer would crash, launch taskmgr, and then restart explorer.
  • So I decided to check for driver updates, windows updates and as expected everything was up-to-date
  • I somehow doubted there was some issue with the disk and randomly launched Crystaldiskinfo and it showed caution, indicating a pending reallocated sector count of 1. That’s not a thing to be too afraid of, as that will be nullified when it’s overwritten, but that’s not the thing and I don’t have great belief in SMART, as the HDD manufacturer simply uses different ways to hide away the reality of the HDD. So yeah, I ran a chkdsk and it reported that everything was fine. That’s kinda obvious because the OS contacts the HDD and the HDD simply hides away the bad sectors.
  • So let’s do some deep digging. I ran HD Tune and AOMEI disk checks and they detected 8 bad sectors, but that’s not a big deal, is it?
  • Then the thing I ran a while ago was a DST check (extensive and short) from the UEFI Diagnostics and yeah, there’s the error detected, as both the tests failed!
  • I also ran a DLDIAG test and all it throws at me are bad sectors that cannot be corrected. The funny thing is that SMART doesn’t even have a clue about what’s going on, rendering it an useless component

Here are a few screenshots that may make the issue clearer:
Above from AOMEI Wizard
From DLDIAG (Above ^)

So what’s the resolution now?

Hi Sayan,

You can refer the below mentioned link to check for the detailed information about the Test Error Code and proceed further with the required steps.

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Backup your data and transfer to another drive.

Use badblock read&write tool for check if these sectors can be repaired or not.
But 1/2 bad blocks is fine more I stop using my drive often continue to grow :frowning:

I have checked that. The sectors are not repairable. Looks like it’s time for me to get a new drive. I have backed up any way