Greenlight always on [Solved]

As I wrote to the message object, in my 2tb book live green light is always on. Someone could help me?

A Green Solid LED means the drive is ON … and working Properly.

If there is no LED, then the drive is OFF and has no power or is dead.

User Manual Page 12

Thank you for your support. Anyway, when it doesn’t in use the light is normally blue.

Solid Blue means the device is in “Standby Mode” aka. Not being accessed, Low Power, Idle etc

as explained in the User Manual on Page 12


Thank you. Anyway I don’t understeand why the unit doesn’t go to the blue light anymore. Normally after some time the unit goes to standby. It’s about 3 or 4 days that is just on green mode without I have changed anything. In pag 64 I have read about energy save “If the Hard Disk Sleep function is enabled, the hard drive goes into standby mode to save power after a designated period of inactivity. Hard Disk Sleep is enabled by default.” As I told before, normally, after a period of time the unit goes in standby mode. Not now. I don’t know why!

Since 2 weeks, I have the same problem. The light is always green, never blue. Before, it was OK. I’d like to know where is the problem and what to do. My drive is old but it works perfectly except this issue. Thank you if you have an idea.

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Miquer I was becoming mad. I have had the same problem. Anyway I have solved. In my case I have just disabled “Remote access” and now the device works properly again! I hope you will solve too. Tell me!