Solid Blue Light ... MBL never goes green

Hi, i have a MBL 2tb and have a huge problem.  Recently i updated the MSE program (microsoft security exchange) on 2 of my computers, i dont know if this can be related but on both cpu, after updating, i lost connection with my MBL.  The MBL multicolor lead on front is now always solid blue … ive tried reboot, power on-off, ethernet cable connection  with one of the pc even uninstall program … when i reinstall cd it cant find the disc caus its solid blue all the time … can any one help me!!!

Blue just means standby, it doesn’t mean it’s off or inaccessible…

It may be that your firewall is blocking the connection from your computer to the mybook. As Tony said the mybooklive is in standby and it seems not to see your computer is online.

The blue light means that the device is in standby mode.

If your sure about your configuration and  the router sees the drive correctly, you should reset the winsock on your PC.

You’ll need an elevated command prompt. Type cmd in search, right-click cmd in the results and “run as administrator.”

In the CMD window, type:

netsh winsock reset

and hit enter. It will tell you you need to restart your PC

Also there was a new firmware released yesterday here is the link

Let me know how that turned out

hi guys thanks for the replys … i emailed wd tech support and mse support … Microsoft Security exchange added a increase security protocol for network based exploits … i disabled it at their demand … now the difference it i still have solid blue except i have the flashing yellow every 5-10 secs … ill look further into this but cpu can find the drive … ive even tried 2 ethernet cables …!!! bummer

if u think about anything just let me know!

and ill try the reset in cmd promt


no change with the cmd

I’m pretty sure in the interface there is a option to disable standby mode

Just to give u guys an update of the situation … after all this time!!! Drive Defective! just filled a RMA

thanks for your help!