Git Server is gone after update to OS5

Hi there, I am having a big problem.

I was using my EX2 WD cloud for years as git server, synchronizing code from different sources via my MyCloud. Now, after the update, its gone. The git server does not show up anymore in the App install feature and I cannot install it manually. It always stops with some error.

Why was this feature removed ??? What kind of nonsense is this ??
There is always something NOT working with these WD clouds. It is really annoying.
Does anybody know how I can get git installed on my WD Ex2 Ultra cloud and then use it again as it used to work before for many years???

I appreciate any help here.

git is no longer supported on OS 5

What an impudence. Using WDMycloud as a git server was one of the main reasons why I purchased it.
What an impudence !

So this was it! I am throwing this WDmycloud away and will switch to competitors, namely Synology. Their NAS systems support git-servers.

Bye bye customer hostile Western Digital.