Install Git on OS5

Does anyone know what solution to install git on EX2 Ultra?

On OS3 was possible using with some workaround.

If its not possible, what would be the reason?

Will the SDK OS5 be available?

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@MarcosAx I’ve sent you a PM with the link for OS 5 SDK

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Could I also get access to this as well please ?



@JediNite sent you a PM as well

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I would also appreciate receiving the OS5 SDK in support of installing git (again) after the OS5 update.
kind regards.

@terje_a I’ve sent you a PM

An alternative is to install community packages like Entware package manager or Docker.
This allows you to side load apps like git.

e.g. to get the git client once you have Entware installed.

opkg update
opkg list git
opkg install git

and you’re good to go.

Hi. I would like to have it too, please