Get Content Info Issue with TV Shows

Hi there Ive looked around the forum and havent found the answer to this issue. Im able to get content info for movies fine but not able to get content for the tv shows after this new update. The Media library is on and Ive tried GET CONTENT INFO on manual and automatic (although it doesnt allow on network share)

When I try it manually by pressing options Ive noticed that when it shows CHOOSE META SOURCE it is only desplaying the movie db.

Is there a way I can resolve this as I cant seem to find clear instructions on how to fix it

any help would be greatly appreciated

thank you

Name your files lie this: TV Show Name.SxxEyy.ext Where XX is the SEASON and YY is the episode number.

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So this is a good example then: dexter.s05e01.mkv

any other file naming combinations work?

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