General question

i would like to ask a general question.are the mybook live 3tb strong and reliable because it is the second time that i would a replacement in about one mounth and i would like to ask if it is better to bought some other product

thank you

p.s. sorry for my english

I have 2 running with a third for backup in the closet. My 1TB is around 3 years old and my 3TB is around a year old and I have never had an issue. When you start trying to install mods such as the ones you have been installing, you can run into issues if you do not follow the guides exactly. This can brick your drive if you do not know what you are doing. If you’re not sure on something, ask in the thread or stay away from the mods completely :slight_smile:

Bottom line is if you use the MBL for its intended purposes it is a very reliable product.