G-Technology 6TB G-RAID Studio Thunderbolt 2 It does not turn on

hello friends, I have the “G-Technology 6TB G-RAID Studio Thunderbolt 2 External Storage System” and I stop working, it does not turn on, it does not turn on, it does not blink, it does not recognize the computer, it stayed at zero, it did not happen, there were no power cuts, it stopped working Can someone help me?
I have it 3 years I never had problems

The unit requires an active data connection in order to power on. Make sure the TB cable is good. If you have another cable then try that. Also verify the power adapter being used is 12v 4a.

hello I have another disk of 12tb which works correctly, and tested with other TB cables, and with the other hard drive cables and does not turn on

If the drive is under warranty you can generate an RMA on our website for a replacement. RMA creation