When my computer is in idle-sleep mode My 24TB G-SPEED Shuttle XL TB3 goes like offline for a few seconds and beeps twice before re-connecting again (keeps doing this all the time until I used again the computer). This is very bothering because you could be sleeping and have this noise all nite.

Any ideas what it is?



It is because you are allowing your computer to go to sleep. When your system goes to sleep it cuts power off the Thunderbolt bus and it disconnects the G-Speed.

First step when using external drives is to disable all sleep modes on your computer.


Despite what WDStaff say, you can turn the buzzer and the two wake/start beeps off. (Shuttle 4 and 8 bay).

This used to drive me nuts years ago and I managed to silence the buzzer back then - I’ve just added a 2nd Shuttle to my collection so had to remind myself how to do it… so here you are…

Start the G-Speed Software Utility and let it connect to your Shuttle.

Then click on the Dashboard Icon. On the Left hand side of the Utility window, you’ll see a list of the System Status showing the various components of the shuttle - one of those is the Controller. If you click on the word “Controller”, it will take you to a window showing you a Component List - scroll down that list and you’ll find the Buzzer listed. You can then click on the “Settings” button on the right side of the window and choose to enable or disable the buzzer. Hey presto, nice peaceful undisturbed night’s sleep without your Shuttle waking you up :wink:

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Thanks for this tip! My raid beeps this morning were making me want to chuck it out the window. =)

I’d just add that if your Settings button is grayed out, click the yellow lock in the bottom left corner of the window to enable changes to the G-SPEED Software Utility. At least in my configuration, it was grayed out and not accessible until I spotted the yellow lock, clicked on it, and entered my Mac OS login/password.

It would be impossible to say how incomprehensibly grateful I am to have found this. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. This CHEEP CHEEP at all hours was driving my entire family nuts now that we’re editing the show from home. ■■■■ near may have saved my marriage.