Misinformation about Sleep mode.?

Can someone please give me the correct information ?
I own the G-Speed shuttle and I have talked to many people regarding if you should let your computer sleep or disable sleep mode while the shuttle is plugged in. when I called tech support they gave me two different answers.

Thank you

All of our techs at G-Tech will tell you to disable sleep mode on the computer and disable allowing your Mac to put drives to sleep in the Energy Saver settings.

Apparently not all of the techs know what they’re talking about, The tech I spoke to over the phone today told me it doesn’t matter and if I let my computer sleep it won’t affect the drive…

At what point should I turn it off? If I’m away from my computer for say for 2/3 hours should I still leave it running? If im going back of fourth to my computer at what point should I turn it off ? Every hour ?eight hours ?

If you’re going to leave the computer on than you can leave the drive on. They are designed for 24/7 use and do not need to be turned off.

Isn’t disabling sleep going to result in a huge waste of energy?