G Speed Mystery Buzzing


I’ve been sent a brand new G Speed 32TB Thunderbolt 3 Shuttle by the post production team of this television show I’m working on. When plugged into my Macbook, it produces a noticeable buzzing sound, emitting internally from near the AC Plug, as well as the front light flashing red briefly before going to white. It’s not an incredibly loud sound, but it definitely doesn’t sound normal. The Software utility reads everything as stable.

We’re an American crew operating in South Africa, with an moderately inconsistent power source and a homemade voltage step-down. Our 120V UPS kicks to battery semi-frequently, however voltage readouts across the board seem to be within tolerances. It’s my first time working with both overseas power, and with the G-Speed Shuttle.

Has anyone else had issues with buzzing these units? Or is it just the way they’re supposed to sound? Any guidance or tips would be appreciated.

Thank you!


They aren’t supposed to be buzzing no. The light acting the way you mentioned is normal though.