G-SPEED Shuttle Synchronization?


Just finished setting up a new Shuttle TB3, 16TB and set it to RAID10. Copied about 400GB of files an hour ago and noticed now in the G-Speed software utility that in Background Activity under Synchronization is running (now at 34%). I have limited experience with RAID’s in general.
Is this Synchronization just a normal activity? Seems like it is taking a long time for such a small amount of data. Was happens if the unit is powered off before the Synchro hits 100%?
thanks in advance


The synchro needs to be finished before you use the device, it lowers performance considerably and also the device isn’t in a protected RAID until it is done.

The synchronization will resume if it is stopped prior to completion.


I just receive a brand new G-Speed shuttle Th3 32TB in RAID 5 and it start directly a synchronization when I plugged it. Is this a normal procedure or is there a problem?

Thank you.


It isn’t a problem. Sometimes the synchronization isn’t completed in the warehouse when the unit is built. So let it finish before using the device