G-SPEED Shuttle Synchronization?

Just finished setting up a new Shuttle TB3, 16TB and set it to RAID10. Copied about 400GB of files an hour ago and noticed now in the G-Speed software utility that in Background Activity under Synchronization is running (now at 34%). I have limited experience with RAID’s in general.
Is this Synchronization just a normal activity? Seems like it is taking a long time for such a small amount of data. Was happens if the unit is powered off before the Synchro hits 100%?
thanks in advance

The synchro needs to be finished before you use the device, it lowers performance considerably and also the device isn’t in a protected RAID until it is done.

The synchronization will resume if it is stopped prior to completion.

I just receive a brand new G-Speed shuttle Th3 32TB in RAID 5 and it start directly a synchronization when I plugged it. Is this a normal procedure or is there a problem?

Thank you.

It isn’t a problem. Sometimes the synchronization isn’t completed in the warehouse when the unit is built. So let it finish before using the device

Is there an expected amount of time for the synchronization to run for? I have two G-Speed Shuttle Thunderbolt 3 (not XL) that I set up today on different machines. After installing the drivers and software both began synchronization automatically. One has been going at it for at least an hour and is at 25%. That machine is a 2018 Macbook Pro so it’s direct TB3 to TB3. I just now started up the second array on an older 2015 MBP using a TB3>TB2 adapter which seems fine, I can’t tell if it’s slower since even the sync on the first machine is already so slow. Is this normal? I can’t find any documentation or comments online anywhere about this. Should I let this process complete before formatting the arrays to the RAID configuration I want?

Synchro and rebuild will take about 8-10 hours for a 24TB unit. You can figure out your timing based on which unit you have.

Yes you need to make sure it is completed before using the device or else you will have severe performance drops and possibility of corruption.

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Perfect, thank you. It did take about that long (I do have the 24tb units!) and I allowed both units to complete and they seem to be working quite well now.

I have 2 G-Raid Shuttle 8 48TB raids. I’m configuring them to Raid 6 and don’t have too much time to wait for the syncronization to be completed :frowning: Can I do the syncronization for both at the same time? The first one is syncronizing now. Thanks!