G-RAID w TB3 and SSDs = not as fast as I hoped

Hi all,
I’ve had an 8TB G-RAID Thunderbolt 3 drive for a couple years and I got tired of the noise and slow speeds with my Mac – around 380 MB/s – so I just swapped out the HDDs with two WD Blue 2.5" SSDs. I used the RAID configurator to format the array as RAID 0 and then initialized them with Disk Utility to APFS/GUID. The speeds now read as 490 write/520 read. This is good but not amazing – the drives are supposed to have a max speed on their own of 560 MB/s, and while I knew they wouldn’t hit that speed I was hoping to see some boost by combining them at least in the 700s. Do I need to do anything else to unlock more speed, or is this just a limitation of using only 2 disks in an array or possibly a bottleneck with the G-RAID itself?


Hi @jvk1,

Please check the drive data transfer rate in accordance with drive capacity:

Data Transfer Rate 8TB: Up to 360MB/s; 12TB: Up to 440MB/s; 16TB: Up to 400MB/s; 20TB: Up to 480MB/s; 24TB: Up to 500MB/s

For more information, please check this PDF: https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library/en_us/assets/public/g-tech/product/desktop/hard-drives/g-raid-tb3/data-sheet-g-raid-tb3.pdf

Will I be able to configure the first drive as RAID 0, as well as the second one, while using the first one for keeping the photos (in my case) and configuring the other drive to RAID 0 buy with the behavior toward the first one as RAID 1 (making a backup of the first one)? Does the G software allow this kind of thing?
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I am looking for the same, and still searching for a solution.