G-RAID speed

I have a brand new G-RAID 8 TB with Thunderbolt 3.
At the very beginning I did a quick test and the speed to read and write was close to 400MB/s.
Now I have setup RAID1 and know that writing is slower now because both drives will be written.
But as far as I know only one drive Wil be used to read data. But why do I have only 230 MB/s now?
Nothing has changed and I have still 3.5 TB available on that drive.

Thats absolutely normal I think. Same here. Right after first run 430 MB/s. After config 230 MB/s.
By default the drive is configured as Raid0, so the drive writes half of the data on each of the 2 Disks simultaneously.
Then configurated as Raid-1. Now You write the same data on TWO disks alternately. That’s the reason for the 230 MB/s.
Everything’s ok.

Hi MacSuperUser,
Thank you very much.
And the speed is still good enough for backups of my work laptop.
Have a nice weekend and stay healthy

Additionally experiencing this issue. Any report on an answer?