G-Raid 20TB as Raid 1. ~100MB Read/Write speeds

OK. I finally managed to connect the G-Raid to a TB3 port ( new mac mini running Mojave) and I am seeing read/write speeds around 150MB/SEC using AJA Test 2.1with a 512MB file.

I believe this is well below your spec for this combination. Where do I start trouble shooting it?

Given a file that small, I don’t know that the speed is calculated accurately (it will transfer in less than 4 seconds at that speed.)

A larger file, like 10GB or so would give a better sampling.

It also depends on how the RAID is configured. RAID1 will be much slower than RAID0.

Well my TB1 Arceca box with slower drives and Raid 5 reads at 450MB and writes at 300MB. I thought the G-Technology box was supposed to be faster…

I also thought these forums were monitored by customer support staff. Is that not true?

This is a user based forum so its good for the other users to assist each other.

In this case the other user was correct in that 512MB test size is not a good size to test at. If you are still having issues with the performance then check to make sure there are no red lights on the unit, open the front panel and verify they are both blue.

Did you leave the drive as RAID0 or did you switch it to RAID1?

Raid 1. No lights. The “array” stores working image files, negatives, that range in size from 22mb to 120MB.

AJA Disk 16GB file. 167MB write / 180MB Read. Still slow and of no use to me since I am reading much smaller files much more often. I see now from independent tests that this enclosure is way slower than the marketing material suggests ( 8TB: Up to 360MB/s; 12TB: Up to 440MB/s; 16TB: Up to 400MB/s; 20TB: Up to 480MB/s; 24TB: Up to 500MB/s ).

Are the parameters configurable at all? Is this best I will see from this array?

Those are the correct speeds for a RAID1 device. There is no performance when in RAID1. It is for protection only. You get 300+ on RAID0 but no protection. Once you switch to RAID1 its essentially a single G-DRIVE with regards to performance.

So no faster than USB 3.1. And def. a waste of Thunderbolt 3 capacity. Exactly what are the predicted speeds for 20TB Helium drives with whatever raid controller you have in that box. For a Raid 1. It clearly is not determined by what the physical disk is capable of.