G-Raid vs 2 separate drives


I am looking to either get a G-Raid and use it as JBOD, or purchase two separate external drives.
The drives, either the JBOD or the externals, would be used to house my Photo Library from Lightroom CC. Drive one would be the main, working drive, housing just the photos (with the catalog on the internal drive) and drive two would be my backup.

Can I access both internal drives of the G-Raid separately and back up drive one to two? Or, would it be better to purchase the two separate external drives?

The cost difference is only $40, so that is not a concern at this time.

Thanks for your thoughts.


You can set the drive as a RAID1 mirror which would be one drive visible but it writes to both so you would have a copy in case one drive failed.

You can also set the RAID to JBOD which makes them both individual disks and they mount separately on the desktop and you can do with each as you wish.


Thank you for your response.