Combining G-RAID drives as one unit

I recently just purchased two 24TB G-RAID with Thunderbolt 3 drives and was wondering is it possible to daisy chain these two units to show up as one drive in RAID 1?

I’m on a Mac and using these drives as backups.

Daisy chaining is only used to save a port on your computer. It isn’t possible to merge drives together.

Thanks now I understand.

In terms of backing up these drives for redundancy/natural disasters would it be best to set both of them as RAID1 and get additional external drives to backup each for off-site storage or set the G-RAIDs as JBOD and use the secondary G-RAID in JBOD as the backup?

I’m currently working to migrate my data from various external drives that I’ve collected over the years to the G-RAID drives. I’ve got around 14TBs worth of pictures in total as my job is in photography.

@Rydia any thoughts on this?

JBOD would just make them all individual drives, if you then wanted to make sure they are all synced so that data is the same on all I would suggest looking into Chrono Sync to manage that