G-RAID Rebuild


I am using a 2 drive G-RAID setup through USB3.0 on my Windows PC. I used the “G-Technology RAID Configuration Utility” to change the RAID configuration to RAID-1 rather than RAID-0.

I wanted to make sure the RAID configuration was working properly, so after copying some data, I ejected one drive and then the other, and I noticed that indeed there were two copies of the data (great!).

Satisfied that it was working correctly, I made sure both drives were installed again and I copied more data to the array. I noticed only one of the drive’s LED light was blinking when I was writing, which made me concerned that the mirroring was no longer working.

Sure enough, when I shutdown, ejected the drive whose light was blinking, and then started back up, the data was not found on the remaining drive. No matter what I do, these two drives now seem “out of sync” with each other.

How is the RAID-1 rebuild supposed to happen, and how do I get these drives to mirror each other again?


Reading the instructions, it seems like I need to reformat the drive I originally removed, and somehow the GRAID is supposed to automatically rebuild. I dud so, and now, whenever I boot, the machine hangs presumably waiting for the drive to report ready. I don’t see any flashing lights, just solid blue in both drives. I hear the drives making noise regularly, but it’s been running like that for over six hours, so I’m not sure what it’s doing. Any ideas?


The rebuild is not automatic. You have to go into the configurator software and chose the degraded device and click rebuild.