12 TB GRaid w/ Thunderbolt reconfig time RAID 1?

Hey guys,

I can’t find any solid answer for this question anywhere online, so I’m going to give it a shot here.

I started reconfiguring a brand new 12 TB GRaid drive with thunderbolt to RAID 1 on a windows based computer almost as soon as I got it. Nothing at all has been put on it. I’m coming up on 48 hours now of the reconfiguration, and I can’t find a progress bar or anything to know its current status.

Does anyone know how long it would normally take to do this?
Is something wrong?
Is there somewhere I can see a status bar?

Any info at all would be great.



Once you start the reconfig to another RAID it is supposed to finish instantly. After it completes you then will get messages that the drive cannot be read by this computer meaning it needs to be erased. You can then go into Disk Utility and erase the drive so that it mounts and is usable.

So if it is still humming and the G on the front hasnt lit back up, nor have I recieved any messages, nor can I even see the drive in my disc manager/utility ; should I just turn it off and back on?

Yes, you might have run into a hiccup during the process so just turn it off and back on and run the configurator again and it will show you which RAID it is in currently and then attempt to configure it again.