G Drive Won't Power Up

My G Drive Mini now won’t power up; no light or computer recognition. Is there an internal backup battery? What else can I check?

I had the same problem. I was trying to power up with just the power cord - the drive apparently needs to be connected to your computer as well, so try connecting both power and computer cables and see if that works.

Same problem for me. You have to connect the drive with a USB or Thunderbolt on the drive I have. It’s the first time I have seen that type of thing. Guess it’s a good thing? This thread helped a ton…I was freaking out!

WOW! this forum REALLY helped this AM. I just moved the entire office and on reassembly I couldnt get the G Drive to power up! I didnt know it had to have a computer connection also to power up!


I’m having the same issue. My G Drive will not power up and it’s connected to my Mac. I’ve also tried connecting it to my computer via USB but it’s not working…HELP!!!