G-DRIVE Mobile SSD Does Not Mount After Computer Restart

I have a G-DRIVE Mobile SSD (1TB) external disk attached to my Apple MacBook Pro (OS 11.6.8) with the supplied USB-C cable. If the G-DRIVE external disk is mounted on the MacBook and then I restart the computer, the drive does not remount. What I mean is that the G-DRIVE external disk does not show up on the desktop after the restart. I have to detach the G-DRIVE and plug it in again for the G-DRIVE to show up on my desktop. One more piece of information: I have two identical G-DRIVE Mobile SSD (1TB) external disks purchased at the same time, and one remounts after a computer restart, and the other one doesn’t.

Hi @ldamario,

Please be informed that we usually recommend to safely eject the drive from the computer when there are no activities performed on the drive and plug in back the drive back to the computer when need to work on the drive. However, you may contact apple in order to fix this issue, as it’s related to mac mounting after reboot and there are some settings that can be changed in mac to make it work with the drive.

If further assistance is needed, please open a case with our support team at the following:

When you connect an external hard drive on Mac, it will show up on Desktop, Finder, and Disk Utility. But sometimes the external drive won’t appear on any of these places. To fix the issue, you can try the below methods:

  1. Change macOS settings
  2. Reset Mac firmware settings
  3. Fix external hard drive connectivity issue
  4. Troubleshoot external hard drive
  5. Recover data from non-mounting external mac hard drive using reliable data recovery software

Further, I suggest you to check the below link for detailed steps to be followed in each method above.

Hope it helps!