G-drive light flashing, drive spinning, when mac sleeps


i have a brand-new “G-Technology 2TB G-Drive Mobile USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1) Portable External Hard Drive, Silver - 0G10339”.

when my imac (mojave 10.14.4) sleeps, the light on the g-drive keeps blinking, and the drive seems to be spinning. i have ‘put hard disks to sleep when possible’ checked, & do not use time machine (and ‘enable power nap’ is unchecked).

am connected thru the thunderbolt port.

any ideas? my seagate external (plugged into usb), stops spinning after a minute. shouldn’t the g-drive as well?


Our drives are not meant to be put to sleep. They are working drives and we often recommend not using sleep mode on your computer once you start using external drives and put hard disks to sleep when possible should always be unchecked.

But if you want to continue your method of using the drive that’s fine but don’t expect the G-Drive to go to sleep.


why should my mac be running 24/7, if there’s no activity at all?

i backup with carbon copy cloner 2x a week, the rest of the time, the drive has no function. plus, all my other drives sleep when the mac sleeps. disappointing…