G-DOCK LED Lights disfunction when Mac goes to sleep

I used G-DOCK Thunderbolt with (8) ev drives (1To each), for almost 2 years with my Mac Pro / Yosemite 10.10.5.
Problem is that green ligths, when I ask to eject discs, had always worked ‘capriciously’. Sometime green light turned on … or not !
I just found that green lights works correctly until my Mac goes to sleep ! But when I ‘awake’ it, green lights never works. And it is very unuseful and penalizing !
I have found that the only manner that Leds works always, was in 'System Pref / energy saver / checking the box: "empêcher la suspension d’activité automatique de l’ordinateur quand l’écran est éteint’ (excuse but I can’t translate :wink: )
But so, G-Drives and others Hard-Drives plugged on my Mac Pro never ‘goes to sleep’ . So no energy saved !
Could you improve G-Technology Assistant 2.5 (125).
Thank for your help and excuse my english :blush:


The G-Technology drives are designed to not go to sleep, this is intended. A very large user-base of G-Tech drives are video and audio editors and composers. In their fields and workflows they need the drives accessible at all times, if the drive were to idle or go to sleep it would take time to wake them up to continue work.

The G-Technology Assistant has had issues in the past with newer versions of the Mac OS but we have fixed those. Which version of Mac OS are you using? The main function of the larger LEDs is to let you know it is safe to eject the drives after they have been unmounted.

Thank you for your answer

I use OS Yosemite 10.10.5
G-Tecnology Assistant 2.5 (125)
Final Cut Pro X 10.2.3

The main function of the larger LEDs is to let you know it is safe to eject the drives after they have been unmounted.

That’s why I wrote to you …
I’m also a video maker & editor (now retired, but …) and sometimes, I leave my computer for a certain time. It is practical, useful and ecological, that Hard Disks goes to sleep if there are no works in progress …

Below, 'Economy Saver pref’ I have choosed. (unchecked first box) . Disks sleep BUT no green LEDs … It’s a real problem

The Mac OS does not have the ability to control the external drives sleep settings. It only affects the drives internal to your Mac.

I don’t think so:
When computer is not busy, after few minutes, my other external connected hard drive LaCie, goes sleeping too … with the right setting.

(I have G-Dock and LaCie hard disks connected with my Mac Pro - I can compare …)