G-Drive 4TB Sleeps

I’m a DJ and store my music on a 4TB G-Drive, often times the drive goes to sleep e.g if i left my computer unattended for a period of time. I use a DJ program called Serato and when i load a file from the library it takes a few seconds for the g-drive to wake up and for the track to start playing.

I have already unchecked the “put hard drive (s) to sleep when possible” in my mac’s setting but this drive still sleeps. It does not happen when i’m actively djing i.e playing music but say i’m djing at a wedding or corporate event where there are speeches and no music is playing it can happen.

I only switched to G-Drive recently, previous external HD was a Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt 2TB and i never had this issue with that.

Any tips?

I’m a mac user, running high sierra.

Also make sure you disable allowing your computer to go to sleep. Those would be the only things causing it. If that doesn’t stop it than you could use a workaround application such as KeepDriveSpinning that will keep it awake at all times.