FTP read-only access, no write permissions

I am able to connect to my MBL via FTP from both locally and remotely, but only have read-only access. I have assigned two users in the MBL UI to allow read/write to several shares (including Public), but when I log in with those users via FTP, I can only download from those shares. Any ideas on what is going on?

I am using Mac OS X 10.9.2, my MBL is on the latest firmware (MyBookLive 02.43.03-022), I have FTP enabled, I am using a static IP with port 21 forwarded, am FTP’ing into the external IP address without issues using Finder, and have assigned the proper permissions via the web UI. I am not very familiar with SSH and linux, but was able to login with SSH to read the .conf file (with the help of some google searches), which showed each user has the appropriate permissions.

Any help would be much appreciated!



Take a look at this link. Hope it helps.

How to access data on a WD Personal Cloud drive and other WD NAS devices, using FTP 

Sadly that link may be out of date, as for MyBookLive users, it refers to clicking on the ‘secure your Device’ button on dashboard home page. This is not shown on my Dashboard!
What now?