FTP not working


I’ve just got my WD Mirror and right after setting up my account (with a password) and enabling FTP, I tried to login via WinSCP and the connection is not been accepted, and WinSCP displays the error: Access is denied. It’s also failing with Filezilla.

I’ve called WD support and they flat out told me that FTP is not a supported feature. That information come from the tech support guy and (apparently) his supervisor. Even though I’ve asked for an escalation for the next level support, they insisted it’s not a supported feature. If works, it’s great. Otherwise, you’re on your own.

Now, the reason I want so desperately FTP is because my other machine (WD MyCloud) is failing and I decided to replace it with the WD MyCloud Mirror. But now I need to move all my ~3TB of files from the failing machine to the Mirror, and the best way I’ve found is via FTP.

I"m open for suggestion, as at this point I feel I can get more support from end users then from the vendor :frowning:


First of all, FTP should be a supported feature…but I just double-checked, and it seems that unlike the EX2’s website which touts FTP as an “advanced feature”, Mirror’s marketing info on the site does not list FTP. So, it is possible that WD has decided to support FTP on it’s EX2/EX4 models but not on the Mirror…which would be a rather unfortunate decision, if true, because FTP IS one of the most basic and prevalent modes of file transfer.

To get FTP to work, first ensure you have created at least one share and given it the proper user privs. Then, please tell here exactly what settings you used to set up your FTP on the mirror.

Thanks for the reply Cybernut1.

I’ve got it working! And it was a silly thing…

Coming from the MyCloud (single drive) the UI is a bit different, with way more choices and options. That’s a great improvement so kudos to the WD engineering group!

So, after enabling FTP and getting unabled to log on, I’ve followed the instruction here:  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2680/~/how-to-access-data-using-ftp-on-a-wd-personal-cloud-drive-and-other-wd-nas

Problem is these instructions are not complete! And that’s where the Customer Support debacle started, which lasted over 2 hrs over the phone with someone that knew less than I do (and, to be honest, I know so little).

So, later last night I found the simple issue:

This applies to Firmware 1.04.05

After that, you should be able to FTP into the Mirror

(Note: Albeit these directions apply to EX2 and EX4 as they share the same Dashboard software)